Things to Do to Prevent Lice

Sometimes people feel like their kids are especially prone to getting lice. Contrary to some urban legend that lice is associated with being unclean, we actually know that lice prefer clean hair. (So you can actually think of lice as a compliment!) Is the answer to clean your children less? I would say no, because although that might help a little with lice prevention, it could cause a myriad of other problems.

Instead, there are a lot of easy things people can do to help prevent lice. (Although do know that you can never lice-proof yourself or your children completely - unless you decide to shave off all hair on the scalp.) Some things you can do are to keep long hair back in braids or buns, use lice prevention products (these are natural and safe to use year round), and reduce sharing of hairbrushes, clothing, and hats with others.

The other thing to know is that some people are just more prone to getting lice and we don’t know why. (This is similar to how some people get devoured by mosquitos and others rarely get bitten.)

Until next time,

Samantha ;)