Dr. Z's Lice Free Treatment Salon guarantees all head lice treatments for 30 days. We believe so much in our process and techniques that we are more than happy to offer a best in the industry 30 day guarantee to our clients.

Dr.Z's Lice Free 30 day Guarantee:

1. Clients may be returned to school, daycare, camp, or work immediately following the initial lice removal treatment and will be provided with a signed certificate if necessary.

2.  As a courtesy to our clients, we provide one free follow up appointment within 7 days of initial treatment. (This appointment is optional for clients.) Any rescheduling for a follow up must be done 24 hours in advance and must be rescheduled within the time indicted after the initial treatment. Failure to show up for your scheduled recheck will result in forfeiture of your free follow-up. We provide one free follow up per treatment only.  

3. If at anytime during the guarantee clients are concerned about continuing lice infestation or re-infestation they may come in for a screening. Clients are required to pay for a comprehensive screening to determine if there is any evidence of head lice. If evidence of lice is found, treatment will be covered free of charge.

4. If head lice are discovered at anytime during the guarantee, clients will be re-treated for free. There must be evidence of live lice in order for the guarantee to apply (verified by screening).