Look Through Screening 

A trained and certified professional will scan through hair visually and check "hot spots" for lice. Can miss early or mild cases of lice.

Cost $5 (waived if the client has lice and books a treatment)


A trained and certified professional will do a comprehensive screening to check for signs of lice.  This thorough screening looks through all strands of hair and covers the entire scalp, not just common areas. Cost for a comprehensive screening is waved if you should need and choose to do a professional lice treatment service. 

Cost $30 (waived if the client has lice and books a treatment) 

Professional Lice Removal service 

Our trained and certified technicians use state of the art triple process removal techniques and non-toxic products to remove all life stages of lice (including eggs). We can effectively remove even lice that has not responded to other treatments. Following the treatment, clients can return to daycare, school, camp, work, etc. the same day.

Time needed for treatment varies depending on thickness/length of hair and severity of infestation.  Short hair takes approximately 1 hour for treatment. Long hair takes approximately 2 hours for treatment.

Treatment is safe for anyone of any age. We are happy to accommodate children and adults with special needs.

All treatments come with a complementary 30 day guarantee after only one treatment. For more information, please go to our Guarantee page.

Cost $95/hr - pro-rated per 15 minutes after the first hour. Long hair typically needs 1 and 1/2 hours to two hours for treatment. Short hair typically needs 1 hour for treatment. Insurance or HSA/FSA may cover professional treatment.

Follow Up Appointments

Following your lice treatment service, we strongly recommend coming in for a follow up appointment to make sure you are healing well after your treatment and things are on the mend! 

Cost $30 

Do It Yourself Treatment

We offer non-toxic treatment products and professional combs for self treatment if you would prefer to do the treatment yourself. Cost varies depending on products needed.





Daycare/School/Camp/College Screenings and Education

One of the best ways to avoid the spread of lice is to correctly identify infestation early and have those who need it properly treated. We will come out to your daycare, school, camp, or college to professionally screen students.

We also do presentations, pamphlets, and come up with prevention plans to minimize lice infestation at your facility. 

Please inquire for custom pricing per situation


As part of our service to you, we want to educate you about the facts of lice in order to help you avoid lice in the future. While lice infestations are never 100% avoidable, there are some things you can do that may help. A custom plan tailored to you and your family will be provided after treatment.